Meet Registered Dietitian Kerri Louati, R.D., C.D.E.

Kerri Louati is a registered dietitian (RD), certified diabetes educator (CDE) and first line therapy practitioner (FLT), who practices integrative and functional medicine to address the root causes of disease. Kerri’s philosophy is focused on a food-as-medicine approach to promoting optimal health and wellness where food has the power to either help heal the body or to act as the source of destruction and disease. Earning a BS degree in Nutritional Sciences from Bastyr University in 2009, Kerri’s background is rooted in natural treatment approaches, while also strongly supported by the most up to date, cutting edge research that is available, but not yet utilized by most practitioners today. She is also completing her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, adding to her expertise and specialized knowledge in this field. Having helped hundreds of patients reach their medical goals, including weight loss, improved gastrointestinal functioning, lowered cholesterol, and diabetes remission to name a few, Kerri is recognized as a leader in the nutrition field and has gained avid support by medical professionals around the country.

Kerri has been featured as a public speaker for many organizations/businesses in South Florida, such as FIU, FLIPANY, Common Threads, and Italian Chamber of Commerce as well as being featured at many local events and debuted on television.

Kerri focuses on the personalization of dietary recommendations rather than a one diet fits all approach to address the unique needs of each individual’s body. Kerri works with her patients to navigate through the vast and often confusing nutrition information flooding the media to dispel the myths and misconceptions and guide them towards their specific nutrition truths.

A primary focus also includes fusing the science of healthy foods with a real joy of eating to enhance the journey of nourishment as a positive focus that also leads to positive outcomes; healthy food does not need to be boring nor taste bad, and with her background in natural food preparation, her tips and meal ideas will give you the resources to make your goals realistic and achievable. Kerri’s experiences conducting whole food/nutrient dense cooking demonstrations for specific health conditions, interactive cooking classes and grocery store tours will give you the real-life knowledge you need to make healthy eating a reality. Work with Kerri today to reach your optimal health goals!

Kerri Louati, R.D., C.D.E.